Dave M (Devacharya)

Master Spiritual Coach, Dhyana & Pranayama Coach and Mudra Therapist

Evoke your inner wisdom, align your purpose and discover your true self. Experience a profound sense of peace, well-being and mental stability.

Many people go through life without knowing their purpose and feel lost, unaware of the key they hold to evoke their inner wisdom, align their purpose and discover their true potential. Spirituality can show you the way to experience a profound sense of where you want to be.


I have been on a journey of spiritual development since my university days. Seeking wisdom from ancient teachings and various Vedic practices with the guidance of enlightened gurus and experiences gave me many possible tools and profound wisdom that I share with others to discover their true potential and create a meaningful life according to their own wish and vision.

It's All About You!

Understand the meaning of life:

Connect with your unique purpose that you never realised, sense the balance and completion in your life with clarity and experience true inner peace, regardless of the situation.

Cultivate emotional balance:

Bring mental and emotional calmness by removing the effects of mental and emotional complexity from the root that often dominates our lives. develop mindfulness practices in life with the right approach that resonates with you.

Master the Art of harmonious relationships:

Identify the dynamics of your relationships and simplify the complexities in an enriching and fulfilling manner with a spiritual perspective. Gain a deeper understanding of the purpose of your relationship. Learn the secrets of harmonious relationships.


A spiritual journey is unique for everyone, the benefits of spiritual coaching can be experienced in various ways. Incorporating certain practices in your life will lead you to self-discovery, aligned purpose and meaningful life.


Nurturing Clarity and Awareness

Enhanced Focus
Clarity of Thought
Positive Mindset
Intuitive Wisdom
Purposeful Living
Personal Growth
Adaptable Resilience


Cultivating Vitality and Harmony

Stress Relief
Emotional Resilience
Mind-Body Connection
Holistic Wellness
Restful Sleep
Balanced Lifestyle
Effective Communication


Unveiling the Essence Within

Empowered Relationships
Inner Harmony
Peaceful Living
Creative Expression
Nature’s Connection

Lets Take First Step Together

Book your initial (Arambhaka) session and take the first step to discover your purpose, connect with your true self, and bring balance to your life. Let’s have a soulful conversation to start with!

Don't Just Take My Word for It

Working with Dave M (Devacharya), my spiritual coach, has been truly transformative. His guidance and wisdom have helped me navigate life's challenges with clarity and peace. I've discovered a deeper connection to myself through Dave's (Devacharya) support and a profound sense of purpose. I am immensely grateful for the light he has brought into my journey. I am incredibly thankful.
Anita.S (USA)
Associate Marriage and Family Therapist